Model: ZW-H6

ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier buletooth with 2 Microphone(Wireless and wired) 25W Portable Rechargeable PA system Speaker for Teachers, Tour guides, Coaches, Meetings, Yoga and Outdoors

  • Voice Amplifier Wireless : Output power 25W with 4-inch Subwoofer and 1.5-inch Tweeter deliver loud and clear sound .Sound to cover about 20000 sq.ft (2000 ㎡). No noise and no distortion.Buletooth 5.0,True Wireless Stereo allows you to sync any two H6 pa speakers together,In TWS mode, two speakers can even provide a total of 50 watts of extraordinary sound.
  • Amplifier with Two Microphones: UHF wireless microphone and wired microphone.UHF technology wireless microphone amplifier more resistant to interference, longer transmission distance and better listening experience.Headset and handheld 2 in 1,the wireless ear hook is removable.
  • Rechargeable Speaker: built-in a 4000mAh big lithium battery allows the microphone speaker to only take 4-6 hours to fully charge, but plays up to 10-12 hours of amplify time and up to 4-6 hours of music playtime( Depending on the volume). The wireless microphone can be used for approximately 3-5 hours.
  • Multi-function loudspeaker: TF (Micro SD) card playing & USB flash drive playing. You can loop all music and switch songs.  Supports FM radio and Recording functions; Support 3.5mm AUX audio input (Mic port can be used as AUX port), Easy to use as a wired speaker.
  • Powerful Voice Amplifier:Portable microphone amplifier using the ABS material that is characterized by being rugged and robust, Hi-Fi technology reverses the sound as real and is transported from the throat. Very useful for teachers, coaches, speakers.Amplify your voice and save your throat when you have trouble speaking or not enough volume.A big help in speaking to 100+ members in your group.

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Product description

1.UHF Wireless amplifier, with 40m / 130ft wireless transmission technology, no need to carry out the device more, completely hands-free, more convenient and comfortable.

2.Widely used: teaching, tour guide, sales promotion, yoga, conferences, meetings, karaoke, fan singing, morning exercise, dancing, training etc.

3.Headphones and handheld 2 in 1 Hands-free microphone system, clear sound and high fidelity.

4.High power ultra light magnetic inner trumpet, voice is strong and clear, also very wide coverage.

5.Rechargeable voice amplifier: Very long operating time — up to 12 hours clear & loud amplification with a single fully charged.

6.The advanced design  with Bluetooth 5.0 provides greater wireless range and a faster Bluetooth connection; It easily connects with any type of Bluetooth such as your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or even your laptop, etc;

7.Recording: Insert a TF card / USB disk to store the file if you want to play the recording.

8.FM Radio: Listen to your favorite FM songs anywhere you want to go with this multifunction wireless speaker;

9.TWS: With TWS pairing, you can pair another H6 for a total of 50 watts of powerful dual power speaker and voice amplifier. True wireless sound!


Output Power: 25W

Frequency Response: 80Hz-18KHz

Charging Voltage: DC 5v, 2A

Bluetooth: 5.0

Battery Type:Rechargeable Lithium Battery(2*2000mAh)

Size: 6.9*3.4*8.1 inch

Unit Weight: 1081g/2.38lb

Musical use time: 3–7 hours ( Depending on the volume)

Amplification of using time: 10-12 hours

Wireless microphone use time:3-5 hours

Charging time: 4-6hours

Wireless microphone Charging time: 2-3 hours

1)Aim at the MIC capsule when speaking and keep the distance
between voice amplifier and MIC longer than 60cm avoid howling.It may be possible to cause some interference when the microphone is near the voice amplifier.

2)No sound out from the speaker after the UHF Mic is paired. The connection between Mic and speaker may be lost. You should re-pair again.

3)Record Mode is only available when TF card/USB Flash is on the device.The recordings will be saved on TF card/USB Flash if TF card/USB Flash is on the device.

4)Uhf pairing needs to be fast and short press “ M ” three times.


Q1: I am needing to speak to a room of 40-50 people and need a totally self contained product. is this it?

A: Yes, of course. It comes with a wireless microphone so you don’t have to carry a voice amplifier with you all the time.

Q2: How to pair a voice amplifier with a microphone?
A: Step 1: Turn on the speaker, Fast and Short press “ M ” Three times to enter into UHF wireless pairing status with voice prompt “UHF is waiting for connection”.

Step 2: Switch on the UHF wireless MIC and long press signal button for 5s, pairing is successful with voice prompt “UHF is connected”.

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