Model: ZW-SL01

Zoweetek Outdoor Solar LED Hanging Light with Photosensitive Sensor

  • Maximum lighting spatial Index up to 160 sq.ft, 60 mini lamp beads can provide maximum 360 lumens.
  • Provides 5 lighting modes: high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, fast flash and SOS. Can be used not only as an ordinary outdoor night pendant light, but also as an camping lantern for exploration, hiking and travel.
  • Use IP65 waterproof design and support solar charging, very suitable for outdoor. You can hang it on the patio corridor or on the field tree.
  • Built-in photosensitive sensor intelligently turns on/off the light depending on the light received on solar panel. Under the low brightness mode, the continously lighting time can be up to 8 hours.
  • Supporting USB cable DC charging, only need 1.5 hours to be full charged. When the sunlight is not enough, or even without sunshine, you can use ordinary phone charger to charge it.

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Product Features:
1. Built in photosensitive sensor. After you press the button to switch power on, if the solar panel can’t senses enough light, the sensor will turn on the light, otherwise, it will turn off the light.
2. Provides two charging ways: Solar charging and DC charging.
3. 5 types of lighting mode, suitable for various environments.
4. IP65 waterproof rainproof design and durable lamp beads.

Special Note:
When you use USB cable to charge it (DC charging), this outdoor light will not light in the charging status.

  • ZW-SL01-D8

1. Solar Panel: Poly-silicon 5.5V/ 0.55W
2. Lumens: ≤360 LM
3. Lighting Spatial Index: 110~160 sq.ft
4. Lighting: White light
5. Battery: 3.7V/ 2000mAh
6. Material: ABS
7. Dimension: 4.31inch * 4.31inch * 2inch
8. Working Time: 2~8 hours (High Brightness: 2 hours, Medium Brightness: 4 hours, Low Brightness: 8 hours, Fast Flash: 5 hours, SOS: 6 hours)
9. Solar Charging Time: At least 8 hours
10. DC Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
11. Switch Button: On/Off and Convert Modes


Click the power button to switch power on

Turn on and turn off – Photosensitive Sensor


Q1: Does it have a mac driver?
A: Yes, the driver installation profile includes mac driver.

Q2: I need to use this on my tv to add wifi will it work?
A: This is not wifi, this is a adapter to accept a wifi signal. It will accept two different frequencies, and should not be a problem with your smart TV as long as you have a wifi + modem. Also remember all these adapters have drivers, so if you have a means of adding a driver to your TV, than it will work. Most of TV already have built in adapter, but  this adapter will not provide a wifi signal that is a separate item that will work in conjunction with your modem.

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