Model: ZW-Z258

ZOWEETEK 10W Portable Mini Voice Amplifier With Wired Microphone

  • Double magnets horn and professional sound amplifying circuit design ensure voice clear, crisp and no distortion. 10 watts sound covers about 10000 square foot, loud enough for a big room, suitable for group of 25-100 people. Restrains howling phenomenon.
  • Built in 1800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Music-play time up to 10 hours, amplification-use time up to 12 hours, enough for full day’s use. The wired headworn microphone is adjustable. You can adjust the distance between your mouth and the mic.
  • Adopts super MP3 audio encoding technology and decoding technology, supporting TF card playing & USB flash drive playing. Can repeat single tune, loop all music and switch songs. Supporting 3.5mm AUX audio input, this amplification device can work as speaker of computer, Pad & mobile phone.
  • With ergonomic design, palm size dimension makes this small compact amplifier ultra-portable. You can tie it around your waist with waistbelt. Using durable and wear-resistant ABS material with high light technology, this presenter voice amplifier looks fashion nice.
  • Can be usd for teaching, trainer, singer, coacher, tour guide, shopping mall, presentation, outdoor speech and etc.

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-Stylish, ergonomic, lightweight, sleek and comfortable design
-Ultra-Portable Design of LoudSpeaker – Can be worn around waist with the help of a waistband
-Equipped with special acoustic microphone — HiFi original sound amplification
-Loud enough with 10w output – Can be used for group of 25-100 people
-Can work as Speaker for Mobiles, Computers, iPads/ Tablets (Microphone port can be used as 3.5mm aux audio port)
-Supports USB Flash Drive & TF card
-Nd-fe-b magnet trumpet which is king of clear sound ensures strong penetrating power sound and wide coverage

Microphone: Unidirectional condenser microphone
Frequency response: 30Hz~23000Hz
Sensitivity: -41dB±1dB (0dB=1V/Pa)
Charging voltage: DC5V 500mA+
Working time: 3~5 hours
Charging time: 2~3 hours
Wireless distance: 100ft

1. This microphone can be used with most equipments (such as speaker) to compose a voice amplifier, but it is not a voice amplifier.
2. Please ensure your devices keep in AUX audio input mode or MIC mode.
3. It can not be used for phone.


Q1: Is headpiece adjustable?
A: The microphone tube is adjustable. You can adjust the distance between mic and your mouth.

Q2: Does it work with 220v input charge? Does it charge in usb too? Can I use the mic and the usb music at the same time?
A: The package includes one charger. The voltage range of the charger is 100-240V. So this voice amplifier works with 220v input charge via this charger.
It charges in USB too, but the USB is mini USB. Package includes one mini USB Cable.
You can use the mic and the usb misic at the same time.

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