Model: ZW-SL02

Zoweetek Outdoor Waterproof Solar LED Wall Light

  • Use SMD lamp beads and silver-plated lampshade, providing maximum 212 lumens, maximum lighting spatial Index up to 110 sq.ft, service life up to 100 thousand hours. You can see more clearly at night.
  • Built-in photosensitive sensor intelligently turns on/off the light. Built-in microwave motion sensor smartly converts strong light and dim light. Continuous lighting at full night, keeps you away from darkness.
  • Level A solar panel has 17% high conversion rate, whos large area makes its light collection stronger. Even if encounter bad weather, it can store enough power during the day for night use.
  • Designed with the IP65 waterproof rainproof, it can work perfectly even in the event of rainy weather. Made of ABS heat resistant material, it can be exposured to direct sun for a long time.
  • Without fixed installation, it can be hung on the wall as long as the screws are fixed. Suitable for any environment, such as Garden, Backyard, Wall, Area ground, Step, Fence, Patio, Driveway, Pathway, Step, Yard, Landscape, Garage, Deck and Path.

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1. Solar Panel: Poly-silicon 5.5V/ 1W
2. Lamp Beads: 15 SMD LED
3. Total Light Power: 2.5W
4. Luminous Flux: Up to 212 Lumens
5. Battery: 3.7V/ 2000mAh
6. Material: ABS
7. Charging Time: ≥8 hours
8. Lighting time: Over 12 hours
9. Power Switch: At the back
10. Dimention: 6.30inch * 3.23inch * 1.10inch

  • ZW-SL02-D7

Photosensitive Sensor:
After switching power on, automatically adjust lighting depending on the light irradiated on solar panel. Automatically turning light on when there is no light at night, then automatically turning light off during day.

Microwave Motion Sensor:
Sense radius is 10ft. After turning on at night, the lamp keeps dim light. When people enter the sensing range, the lamp activate a strong lights. When people leave the range, it restores dim light. This function ensures continous lighting at full night.


Automatically turn light on/off – Photosensitive Sensor 01

Automatically turn light on/off – Photosensitive Sensor 02

Dim light and strong light – Motion Sensor 01

Dim light and strong light – Motion Sensor 02


Q1: How many Lumes ?
A: At most 212 Lumens. Depends on the light mode.

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